ReBoot Your Practice

Problems you can’t afford to ignore:

Recruitment and retention – losing experienced staff can cost half a year’s salary in recruitment and training.
Practice stability – inability to recruit replacement partners can close a practice.
Workload control – coping with demand using limited resources.
Financial challenges – getting beyond cost cutting

Would it be crazy to ask for help?

We usually start with a thorough review of your practice team and performance followed by a workshop for your partners / leadership team to discuss problem areas and how to deal with them. Every practice is different so we will tailor what we do to what you need

Dr Cain Hunt has led a small GP Surgery near Cambridge for over 28 years and has helped it grow from a two partner practice running out of the ground floor of the previous senior partner’s house to a flourishing four partner practice in purpose built premises. He has a wealth of experience in team building, recruitment and practice finance to share with your practice to help you grow and develop.

Cost: from £500 (will vary depending on the size of practice and how much time you need)