There aren’t enough GPs because they’ve made the job rubbish

This is the elephant in the room for GP recruitment and retention. Over the last 10 years the job of being a GP has been systematically trashed by successive governments and by the press. The warnings that doctors would leave General Practice have been ignored and now the chickens are coming home to roost with … Read more

Practice Strategy – stop doing stupid things and find your Superpower

Working out a Practice Strategy can seem daunting but it is an essential task. It starts with not doing stupid things that make a fast buck but eventually wreck your business (that’s what they call short-termism). But the fun part is discovering your superpower and then leveraging the living daylights out of it. That’s when the magic … Read more

Purpose – why it matters and how to discover it

One of the characteristics of modern life is that we get so caught up in endless activity, that we never really think about where we are going, and what it is all for. Sometimes that’s because we feel we are too busy just keeping afloat, but even when things are going well, it seems self … Read more

How Viral Recruitment saved our practice

It was the summer of 2019 and we were in trouble. Since the retirement of our senior partner in 2017 we had been trying to find her replacement. And we had failed. We were a nice practice, with a nice income, and nice patients in a nice neighbourhood – and nobody wanted to join us. … Read more

Sorting out GP Workload 1 – Culture

We have all been in practices where everyone is working together really well. They are great places we would love to be a part of. They have a really strong culture and they do more with the same people and time than those without it (1). And that is why improving your culture is the … Read more