Do you think GP is a good career?

The GP press and online discussions all seen to be full of doom and gloom about General Practice but do you agree? What would you advise new GPs? Why go into a career that seems so negative?

My job is great
I’ve been doing the same job in the same practice for over 25 years and I still love it. My workload has not really changed. I am in control of how I do my job. My responsibility is to my patients and they appreciate the care I give. I can concentrate on the things I feel are worthwhile and I can choose how I work and whom I work with. We enjoy working together and we have fun.

Of course it can be tough
February is a grim month. Some patients can be demanding, and some are very sick and need a lot of time. Sometimes I really need a holiday. But I can make changes to manage the demand because I and my partners are in charge. And that means I can make time for things in my personal life too – like sports days and school plays.

Relationships with patients count
I get to know my patients and they get to know me. They know I do my best to look after them and they try hard to look after themselves. Getting home on time is important but so is being part of a community and making a difference. They want to see me (not just any doctor) and value continuity. And that makes me harder to replace as well as giving me job satisfaction.

Come and join us
If you like the sound of this life then come and see us. We have a vacancy at the moment (closing date 19th August) and would love to talk to you. This may seem like a thinly veiled job advert (let’s face it – it is) but it is genuinely what I believe makes for a great career.