Are you running (or do you want to run) a GP Practice?

It seems like lots of people know how to “fix” General Practice They know that units of 5-10k customers are inefficient and should be merged They know that uniformity and standardisation are the key to providing quality They know that big businesses are better than small businesses because they can afford better everything They know … Read more

Do We Really Need GP Receptionists?

It is trendy to talk about moving away from “old fashioned” GP receptionists towards call centres or even computerised phone systems and apps. Economies of scale and the efficiencies of not having staff idle between calls seem to support this industrialisation of Primary Care. 24-hour call centres promise better access and allow staff to be … Read more

Is GP Partnership Dead?

They say you shouldn’t be a GP partner any more Increasing workload Falling income Difficulty recruiting Risk of being last man standing But why has this happened There has been a squeeze on funding There are increasing demands from patients There is transferred pressure from the rest of a system which is struggling And some … Read more

Will Continuity Make YOUR Career Better?

People say continuity is good It improves patient outcome It improves patient satisfaction It improves job satisfaction But it is getting harder for patients to see their preferred GP (1) Triage may seem like it helps by reducing face to face consultations. But it spends scarce medical time on telephoning patients and trying to make … Read more

Do you think GP is a good career?

The GP press and online discussions all seen to be full of doom and gloom about General Practice but do you agree? What would you advise new GPs? Why go into a career that seems so negative?

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