How To Recruit a GP Partner

Recruit for character not for skills

This will be a person who will work with you long-term and who will become part of your inner circle, your team. Who they are is more important than what they know. As well as the obvious integrity, courage, humility and honour you should look for someone who increases the breadth and depth of your team by covering areas you are weaker in. You need someone who doesn’t just ask the uncomfortable questions but also the questions you never knew existed.

Be remarkable 

Be worthy of people talking about you. No one is interested in average. Do not look at all the other partner adverts and produce one the same. You are unique and the ways you are different are why people will choose to ask more. This is not about spin or image, you are not trying to manipulate or fool people. It is about how you use your special qualities to achieve your purpose and whether that “clicks” with them.

Tell your stories

Since forever, people have communicated by telling stories. Greek mythology is not full of bullet points and cost/benefit analysis. Each of you should tell: Who are you? How did you come to be here? Why did you join? What matters to you? Where are you going? People make decisions with their feelings and then use logic to explain their choices. As they listen to your stories they will taste the idea of joining you and whether it feels right to them. The more you tell them, the better choices they will make and that will save you time if they are not suited to you.

Be clear about your purpose

While you want diverse talent and viewpoints you do need to be aligned about the core reason your practice exists. Getting this clear amongst yourselves will be good for guiding your practice development but communicating it will be important to attract people who share your values. However,  you must really act in line with your purpose.

Be patient and be proactive 

Often, the time between discovering you have an opening and being ready for someone to start is not long enough to find a partner who will fit in well at your practice. Plan to give yourself space to find the right person – getting this right will reap rewards in the future. Do not wait until you are recruiting to make the special things about your practice well known. Prioritise things which build a great place to work long-term so people will already want to work with you before they hear you have a vacancy.