Sorting out GP Workload 2 – Personal Assistant

The idea of having a Personal Assistant (PA) to help you can seem a bit unusual for a GP although they are commonplace in other industries. Will they really help? Are they worth their salary? But valuing yourself and looking for ways to maximise the time available for what only you can do is often … Read more

Sorting out GP Workload 1 – Culture

We have all been in practices where everyone is working together really well. They are great places we would love to be a part of. They have a really strong culture and they do more with the same people and time than those without it (1). And that is why improving your culture is the … Read more

How to sort out GP Workload

We have been complaining to the Government about GP workload for over a decade and nothing has changed. Maybe it’s about time we sorted it out ourselves. Yes, they brought in PCNs with much fanfare and the additional roles had quite a lot of funding. But they wouldn’t let us spend the money on what … Read more

Are Integrated Care Systems doomed?

Integrated Care Systems are being hailed as the future of Primary Care. But are they doomed to be yet another forgotten reorganisation like FHSAs, PCTs and CCGs? Politicians seem to give very fixed prescriptions about how best to improve the health of our nation. They always talk warmly about how they appreciate front line staff … Read more

Leading a Practice through Hard Times

It is easy to lead during good times. All you need to do is listen to your team and not do anything stupid. Leading in hard times is completely different. First you need to realise that times are hard This can be tricky because to begin with things can look to be fine, while underneath … Read more

Swimming against the tide

Some people are saying that GPs would be better off as a salaried service, being employed by hospital trusts or private contractors. It feels like swimming against the tide to stay with the current GMS contract even though that gives us stability and has to be nationally negotiated. Rather than just disagreeing I want to … Read more

What not to read

We all get too much email. And we imagine that one day we will get organised, delete the rubbish and get control. But sadly this is a myth. There isn’t enough time to read all the useful things. We fear missing some critical gem of knowledge if we don’t read everything. But that is based on the … Read more

Team Building Tools – that don’t make people cringe

The problem with most Team Building activities is that they aren’t relevant, they feel fake and they make people uncomfortable. And your team don’t enjoy them and think they are a waste of time. So what can you do that will be genuinely useful and not make people want to run a mile. Ask the important … Read more