How to build your team – without making them quit

We’ve all lived through utterly awful “team building” experiences – like building towers out of straws or embarrassing role playing games. So much so that for most people “team building” makes their blood run cold. But we all work in teams so making our teams function better is important. The question is, what actually works to … Read more

Making Sense of GP Accounts

GP accounts are fairly straighforward to read once you get to know your way around them and they will help you understand how we make the money we pay ourselves. Talking to recently qualified GPs it is not something which is well taught so here is a simple guide of what things are and what … Read more

How To Recruit a GP Partner

Recruit for character not for skills This will be a person who will work with you long-term and who will become part of your inner circle, your team. Who they are is more important than what they know. As well as the obvious integrity, courage, humility and honour you should look for someone who increases … Read more